Cadbury hits back at claims Easter egg chocolate recipe has changed: ‘Tastes like trash’

The chocolate company has come under fire with many Aussies saying Easter eggs tasted 'awful' this year.

Cadbury has defended its Easter chocolate despite many Australians believing this year's hollow chocolate eggs and bunnies are "different" — with some going so far as to say the flavour is "awful" and tastes "chemically".

Melbourne mum Miles Fyfe shared her review of the hollow eggs on Sunday, saying she has a "bone to pick" with Cadbury. "They have changed the recipe or done something to the recipe and they taste awful," she said. "These ones taste like trash."

Countless people from across the country responded with similar experiences, telling Miles to try the Cadbury bunnies too which also taste "weird".

Left image of Miles eating Cadbury Easter bunny. Right image of Cadbury Easter eggs and bunnies in store.
While some have defended the chocolate, many believe something it wrong with this year's Cadbury batch. Source: TikTok/Facebook

Aussies convinced Cadbury eggs have 'changed'

Miles is not the only person to have picked up on the alleged change. Mum Rebekah shared a similar post on Sunday saying the hollow eggs she bought from her local supermarket in Western Australia tasted "gross" this year. "When you buy only Cadbury chocolate and they have changed them!" she posted.

Responses have flooded in from confused Australians over the last 24 hours with theories emerging as to what could be happening.

"I bought two 12 packs. One of them tasted like the Cadbury I’ve known for years the other tasted like nothing or wax. I reckon there are bad batches," one guessed.

"My daughter got a Cadbury bunny and she said it tasted like perfume and refused to eat it," a second said. While a third, who works for Woolworths, said, "we had someone come in saying they taste all 'chemically'."

Among the complaints were some staunch defenders of the Easter chocolate staple though, saying people's brains are "tricking" them into thinking they're different. "They taste the same every year your brain is tricking you because they are in different packaging," one said.

"Currently eating a Cadbury hollow egg and it tastes no different still amazing," another added.

Cadbury confirms there's been 'no change' despite claims

Despite the claims, Cadbury confirmed to Yahoo that the recipe has remained the same, and the company has not received any formal complaints.

"We haven’t received feedback directly and can confirm there’s been no change to the recipe," a spokesperson said in response, though they did not elaborate further.

Parents claim to find white, chalky substance on Easter chocolate

Some Aussie parents say they have also found some eggs and bunnies covered in a white, chalky substance.

One Kmart shopper experienced this with the Barbie-themed Easter eggs she bought for her kids while another woman complained that all of her children’s Easter Cadbury chocolate was white.

"Literally every single bunny we got, we had to go meet up with the Easter bunny and replace the chocolate," she explained. "We stored it in a normal place…I thought maybe it had melted but no."

Another Aussie said they had the same problem with chocolate Easter bunnies purchased from Coles.

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