Can you spot what's wrong with this bikini?

Penny Burfitt
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
This questionable design is raising eyebrows online. Photo: Marks and Spencer

A questionable bikini print has internet users seeing red- but it’s not because they’re angry.

The Printed Lace up Plunge Bikini Set from UK retailer Marks and Spencer has certainly plunged the retail giant into some hot water and it’s not hard to see why.

The summery bikini will set you back both AUD$65 and a few rungs on the social ladder if online users opinions are anything to go by.

The tropical number is described on the catalogue as, “stunning way to make an entrance when you head poolside this summer.”

It’s sure to make an entrance, and you might leave people stunned but probably not for the reason they thought.

An unfortunate ombre colour scheme on the bottoms of the swimmers have grabbed the attention of eagled-eyed shoppers, and once you see it you won’t be able to un-see the traumatic flashbacks to adolescence mishaps.

A closer glance will make you blush deeper than then the ombre shadow. Photo: Marks and Spencer

The bikini bottoms come in a blush pink that darkens to a deep red as it moves down the front, leaving a rather unpleasant effect.

To put it plainly, it looks more like a period leek than a summer sunset.

The hilarious oversight has social media in stitches, where posts sharing the unfortunate number have attracted plenty of hilarious commentary.

One popular Facebook mothers’ group exploded over the swimmers, with ladies wondering if this was a critical oversight or a bizarre prank.

“I was hunting for a new bikini today and came across this horror from M&S”, the original post was captioned. “…is it me or should they sack the designer!? Definitely not a look I want to be going for this summer!”

Other’s quickly jumped on the thread with their own reactions.

“OMG why would they do that” queried one.

“Haha why has none of the models or designers noticed!” wrote another.

“Unless it’s meant to look like that.”

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