Caprice embraces Christmas ‘glitter and sparkles’

Caprice is “obsessed” with Christmas decorations.
The 51-year-old model – who has sons Jax and Jett, nine, with husband Ty Comfort – has embraced covering her house in “glitter and sparkles” since having her children.
She said: “This is our favourite time of year.
“Coming from a big Jewish family, I’ve never been big on Christmas decorations.
“But now that the boys are so into this festive time of year, I’ve become obsessed.
“To the sound of Christmas songs, we’ve put glitter, sparkle, and twinkling lights everywhere.
“Jax and Jett loved helping, especially when it came to dressing our red-and-gold themed tree.
“It’s all about the magic of Christmas and Hanukah for them.”
Caprice and Ty combine Jewish and Christmas holiday rituals, with the boys praying in Hebrew and lighting the menorah candles in the run up to 25 December.
She said: “It’s a lovely tradition and the boys know the prayer off by heart.
“They’re lucky to have the best of both worlds – and with eight days of pressies followed by Christmas Day, they get spoilt.”
But the blonde beauty is keen to teach her sons about the importance of helping those in need too, and they buy gifts for hospitals, children’s charities and other kids in need.
She said in a recent interview: “The boys buy some of them with their own pocket money. Although Ty and I are raising our kids to be successful, we’ve taught them that it’s equally important to give to others.
“They have their own Amazon account so they understand the need to save up.”