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Lucky Days: 5, 6, 15, 16, 24

Yucky Days: 12, 13, 19, 20, 27

Colour: Rust

Celebrity Icon: The Veronicas

July brings relationship intensity to yet new levels. Yes, just when you thought you couldn’t possibly reach another peak, along comes the final eclipse of a two-year series in your own sign. You won’t experience this again for another eight years, Capricorn!

Watch for the big reveal on or around the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse on 5 July. Think back to a story that began last Christmas during the last New Moon Eclipse in your sign – this is the heart of the big reveal. This eclipse could uncover feelings and understanding beyond what you even thought possible.

Mercury, the communication planet, will end his retrograde stint on the 12th, enabling clearer conversations all around. This should also help you to process any recent relationship misunderstandings and debacles. The Sun moves into your house of transformation and intimacy on the 20th, inspiring you to do the deep work on yourself (not that you ever skim in the first place).

You’ll also crave more intensity and intimacy than usual. The New Moon in your partnership zone on this same day sets the stage for the next six months of a brand new love – it’s time to write your own relationship story, Capricorn.


Lucky Days: 7, 8, 17, 18, 27

Yucky Days: 1, 2, 14, 15, 23

Colour: Cocoa

Celebrity Icon: Kate moss

Eclipse season and Mercury Retrograde, OH MY. June is not kidding around, Capricorn, so take a deep breath and plan ahead, because strategy is what you do best. A Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse slams into your dream zone on the 5th – one that you’ll probably feel bubbling up from the first moments of the month. This is deeply emotional and dramatic and it’s likely to stir your psyche in the most profound way.

If this feels destabilising, the best thing you can do is aim to let go – but first deal with any feelings you’ve refused to acknowledge during the last six months. Eclipses will come to this part of your chart twice annually for the next two years, so note what comes up now – it’s potent material for you to explore, so that you can truly heal. Mercury Retrograde officially arrives in your relationship zone late on the 18th. This is where an incredibly intense concentration of cosmic energy unfurls during the next few days, so brace yourself. The Summer Solstice brings the Sun to your house of partnership on the 20th – and this is where the magic lives, so dip in.

The very next day a New Moon/Solar Eclipse explodes in the same part of your chart, asking you to face stark realities about your current or past partners. This eclipse series has been ongoing for the last two years – this is the final event and the truth serum is real. You’ve shed a lot of karma, so set intentions for healthy, ideal relationships in the next six months. Venus Retrograde ends on the 25th – setting things on a smoother course for your work life. Finally, action-planet Mars dives into Aries on the 27th, setting up camp in your domestic zone through the fall. Tend to your home with love, calm and grace as things heat up.

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