Cardi B channels her inner Dolly Parton with new XXL blonde curls

cardi b blonde curly hair
Cardi does country with Blonde Dolly Parton curlsShareif Ziyadat - Getty Images

While it seems every other celeb is releasing makeup or skincare, not our girl Cardi. Oh no. Belcalis is gunna do her own thing. No, I'm not talking about "the Cardi B and Offset Meal" at McDonalds (iconic). I'm talking about her brand Whip Shots, a range of vodka-infused whipped creams... yes, you read that right. Anyone who wasn't aware of the brand before, is about to be, because the content from the promo shoot for the new summer 'beaches collection' is everything and more.

Cardi is sporting the biggest, bounciest, bouffant blonde curls on the beach, complete with a bouyant side fringe, and it's channelling the spectacular Dolly Parton. I actually don't know how I've never connected the two before: the nails, the glitz, the tatas and the 100% keeping it real. I've never known who I'd have on my 'dead or alive' dinner party guests list, but I do now.

If Cardi brings out a country track, I will lose my tiny mind.

Dolly wasn't the only comparison made in the comments, one fan wrote: "Yasssss give me pin up girl vibes. 😍😍😍😍😍" while another wrote; "Yasss it’s giving Anna Nicole Smith mixed with Pamela Anderson! 👏🏾."

And we can see them all. Between the temperature-raising shots of Cardi licking the cream and slurping on Whip Shot topped cocktails, you can take in the Baywatch-esque beach, the retro pin-up swimsuit blooming into swirls of cream-like white ruffles.

The red underside to her white talons is a trademark devilish touch from the musician, and that green shadow to match the new lime flavour? Art. She may not have launched a beauty brand but she may just be serving more beauty wins than everyone who has.

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