Carrie Bickmore savagely roasts Tommy Little: 'Australia's Leonardo DiCaprio'

Tommy Little got put in place by his mates during The Roast Of Tommy Little.

Tommy Little was savagely roasted by Carrie Bickmore and a bunch of his other famous friends at Melbourne Comedy Festival this week, becoming the butt of many jokes during the special event The Roast of Tommy Little: When Friends Become Enemies.

The radio host and comedian took shot after shot as his friends took turns in roasting the star, with radio co-host Carrie Bickmore playing the role of 'roastmaster' for the event.

Carrie didn't hold back when it came to starting the jabs, introducing herself and telling the audience she'd be the host for the night and be doing the heavy lifting. "Which is what I've done for Tommy in most of his career," she added.

Carrie then made some cheeky jabs, including taking a shot at Tommy's dating life.

Carrie Bickmore Tommy Little
Carrie Bickmore savagely opened for The Roast of Tommy Little. Photo:

“I’ve never met somebody more popular than Tommy Little,” she said. “Everyone annoyingly seems to love him. Young women, old women like your grandma, sniffer dogs at airports... They just cannot get enough of Tommy Little.”


She likened the star to Australia's version of Leonardo DiCaprio, referencing dating younger women and not wanting to "settle down".

“Tommy here’s a tip, here’s something oy may not know,” she began. “Tinder on your phone, yeah? It’s an app, not a game. It’s not like Pokemon, you don’t need to catch them all.”

Other comedians took to the stage to continue the roast, including Dave Thornton, Dilruk Jayasinha, Tom Ballard, Lizzy Hoo, Nick Cody, and Luke McGregor.

"Tommy is rich, good looking, and single," Dilruk said. "Do you know how s*** your personality is for someone like Tommy Little to be single? Even Hitler had a girlfriend."


Tommy appeared to take the jabs in good spirits, laughing along with the crowd.

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