In Case You Missed It, Rishi Sunak Was Mocked When He Tried To Chat To Voters About Sport

A clip of PM Rishi Sunak interacting with people suggests he has failed to relate to the general public once again.
A clip of PM Rishi Sunak interacting with people suggests he has failed to relate to the general public once again. HENRY NICHOLLS via Getty Images

Rishi Sunak’s agonising attempt to relate to the public fell flat when he visited Barry in Wales on Thursday.

As part of his first full day of election campaigning, the prime minister travelled around the UK to try and connect with voters – but it did not go quite to plan in south Wales.

Sat around what looks like a pub table, Sunak asked the crowd: “Are you looking forward to all the football?”

Presumably this was a reference to the Euro 2024 football tournament, which Wales has not qualified for.

His question was met with awkward silence. One person said: “Not so much my bag.”

A different person pointed out: “Well that’s because you guys aren’t in it!”

There was laughter around the table then, while Sunak suggested the tournament would at least bring the crowds into the pubs.

This was ignored, while someone else said people were “not going to support England at least” – triggering awkward chuckles from the prime minister.

“Some people will be supporting anyone who plays England,” another person joked, while Sunak chuckled again and tried to change the topic onto cricket.

You can watch the clip here:

This is far from the first time Sunak has come under fire for failing to connect with people over everyday life.

He was once heavily criticised for struggling to make a contactless payment and for filing up a car which was not his for a publicity stunt in 2022.

Sunak is known for his love of private jets, too – and he and his wife are now wealthier than King Charles, according to this year’s Sunday Times Rich List.

The election campaign is not necessarily helping his image, either.

On his first Q&A with the public since announcing the general election, a reporter from Byline Times found that he actually took two questions from Tory councillors who had been planted in the crowd.

Meanwhile, ITV’s deputy political editor Anushka Asthana stumbled across a member of the public who had no idea who Sunak is yesterday.

Questioned on camera what she thought of the prime minister, she replied: “Who? Who is he?”

When reminded, he said: “He hasn’t been prime minister long enough for me to remember his name, actually!”