Catherine O'Hara scolded for checking out pope's closet

Catherine O'Hara got caught rummaging through the pope's closet.
The 'Argylle' actress met her husband Bo Welch on the set of classic horror film 'Beetlejuice' and when they tied the knot in 1992, the movie's director, Tim Burton, gave them tickets to a private tour of the Vatican as a wedding gift.
Catherine quipped on 'The Kelly Clarkson Show': "Somebody had given it to him. It was a very inside kind of deal."
The 69-year-old actress then recalled how their guide got into trouble for allowing them access to a wardrobe that should have been off limits.
She said: "OK, so a priest took us around — he got yelled at at one point. I wish I spoke Italian, but he was definitely getting yelled at by another priest because we were in the pope’s closet, like, looking at garments and stuff. It was crazy."
The couple weren't kicked out of the tour, but Catherine and her husband, now 72, ended up in a tiny museum, where gifts sent by world leaders to the Vatican were stored.
She added: “And this priest is just letting us open cases, and pretending to put a crown inside Bo’s backpack, taking pictures."
As well as the unique wedding gift, Tim was also responsible for the couple getting together.
Catherine explained she had a crush on Bo, who was a production designer that she spoke to every day.
She said: “He was just talking to me every day, like, by our lockers. And he never asked me out."
The 'Home Alone' star eventually moaned to the director about the situation, and he decided to play matchmaker.
She added: “I’m grousing to Tim Burton about how the production designer never asked me out and he said, ‘Let me see what I can do.’
“I got [to Vermont], the first day of shooting there, he pulls off the side…he comes over [and says], ‘The art department's going to a swap meet. You want to come with us?’ It was like he’d been forced!”