Catherine, Princess of Wales’ cancer treatment announcement ‘even sadder as it came amid conspiracy theories’

Catherine, Princess of Wales’ cancer treatment announcement was extra poignant as it came amid conspiracy theories about her health, the boss of a Princess Diana charity has declared.
The royal mum-of-three, 42, shocked the world on Friday (22.03.24) evening when she broke weeks of silence and a break from public duties following her abdominal surgery in January to say she was undergoing preventative chemotherapy after cancer was detected in her body following the operation.
Tessy Ojo, 53, chief executive of the Diana Award – who has worked with Catherine’s husband Prince William, 41, on cyberbullying initiatives and recently attended an event with him earlier this month – told People: “It makes it even sadder as it took place against the backdrop of all the conspiracy theories of the past few weeks.
“It reinforces of the danger of the society we live in where rumours get picked up and almost become a false reality… I would love for the public to learn from this and make people stop and think.
“When we think because they are public figures that we have every right to know the ins and outs and everything.
“I would hope this will teach us something as a public, that people should respect privacy and that people have private lives and that we don't have to know everything. The least we can do is show kindness."
Tessy also praised Catherine and William’s decision to wait until their three children – Prince George, 10, Princess Charlotte, eight, and five-year-old Prince Louis – were on a school holiday to update the public on her health.
She added William “understands the power of the Internet, which can be quite destructive, especially for young children”.
Tessy went on: “I know he has the tools to protect the children, particularly Prince George. They can lean in as a family without the external noise. She has a great family, and I have no worries.”