CCTV catches 'disgruntled neighbour' vandalising boat parked in street

A woman claims oil was poured into her boat and the motor's wiring was cut as it was parked outside her home.

A woman has launched an appeal after CCTV footage captured what appears to be a man vandalising her family’s boat as it was parked in front of their south-west Sydney home.

Video shows the shadowy figure with a black cover over their face standing at the back of the boat while holding a bag in one hand. The person lingers for a few moments before wandering across the street and stopping to look back at the vessel again.

The person standing at the back of the boat with a bag in their hand on the CCTV footage.
A boat parked in front of a home in Sydney's south-west has been vandalised. Source: Facebook

“Appealing for help to identify person depicted in attached footage,” the woman posted on Facebook this week, explaining there had been “malicious damage” to their boat at 9pm on Sunday as it was parked in front of their property in Illawong.

“Has been reported to police who are investigating,” she said, adding oil had been poured “into the carpeted area of the boat on the inside” and the motor’s wiring was cut. “Offender appears to be on foot. Any information would be greatly appreciated.”

Locals slam angry 'neighbour's' boat act

Numerous locals said the offender appears to be a “disgruntled” neighbour who is “not happy with people parking their boat long-term on the roadway”.

“How awful to have someone like this in our community. Hopefully someone recognises him. Only a matter of time,” one person wrote. “Sad that people feel the need to do these things,” another said, while a third described the act as “horrible”.

Yahoo News Australia has contacted NSW Police for comment.

The person walking away from the boat with a bag in his hand.
The person was filmed wandering across the street before stopping to look back at the boat again. Source: Facebook

Boat feud erupts in Sydney's Northern Beaches

It’s not the first time a feud has broken out among residents over a boat taking up parking space.

In November, the words “f**k it off” were sprayed in bright red paint over a tarp covering a vessel in Freshwater, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. “The boat and trailer are registered and we can thus park it legally in the street,” the owner wrote in a response letter, which they taped to the boat.

“We live in the street and haven’t just parked it here as it looks like a quiet spot. I have tried to be thoughtful ... hope you can understand and not graffiti or damage our family boat”.

However, a person, who may or may not have been the original vandal, responded to the letter with their own, asking them to “be a good neighbour”.

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