Celebrity Big Brother reveals housemates nominated for live double eviction

Fern Britton, Zeze Millz, Marisha Wallace and Nikita Kuzmin will face a live double eviction on Celebrity Big Brother.

TV presenter Britton and theatre star Wallace received four nominations from their fellow stars, while Millz was nominated three times on the ITV show.

It comes after Strictly Come Dancing star Kuzmin put himself forward to receive the “killer nomination”, automatically putting himself up for the public vote.

During the episode, Kuzmin told reality star David Potts he had a feeling he might leave, while also admitting he woke up with anxiety about the nominations to Big Brother.

Elsewhere, Britton chose former X Factor judge Louis Walsh to banish, by placing a snake on his pillow, during the St Patrick’s Day celebrations.

In a twist, Walsh was saved from the nominations and eviction and set about trying to work out who banished him, while Britton shed tears in the diary room after she was among those nominated for eviction.

Walsh was also heard describing the death of his grandmother as “the worst thing that ever happened to me”.

“She was in her 80s but she spoilt me, and I don’t think about her enough. I don’t pray or anything to her, but I should,” he said.

Celebrity Big Brother continues on Tuesday at 9pm on ITV.