Champion bodybuilder Chad McCrary who kept competing after breaking his spine dies aged 49

The professional wheelchair bodybuilder passed away aged 49  (ifbbprochadmccrary/Instagram)
The professional wheelchair bodybuilder passed away aged 49 (ifbbprochadmccrary/Instagram)

Champion Bodybuilder Chad McCrary, who kept on competing despite an accident that left him paralysed, has died at the age of 49.

His death was announced in a joint Instagram post by the bodybuilder’s brother, Lance McCrary and Jim McMahon, the CEO of Mutant, a supplement and fitness apparel company.

"Like everybody, I’m very sad and stunned," Mr McMahon said in the post. "It’s a hard one."

"What I’m always gonna take away is just what we all got to experience, in our group at least, with him, is just the camaraderie,” he continued, referring to McCrary’s partnership with Mutant.

“It’s always everything that all of us try to achieve in this life is having good friends and good camaraderie."

"I don’t have much to say, just the heart hurts," he reiterated towards the end of his statement. "That’s the simplest way to put it. Peace and love to everybody. Thanks, Chad."

His brother also left two comments on the post, telling Mr McMahon how “proud” McCrary was when Mutant sponsored him.

“His determination was unmatched. Yet he could make you laugh, give good advice. Just an all-around good man,” Lance McCrary added.

Mr McCrary was left paralysed from the waist down in 2005 after attempting a 100-foot triple jump during a motocross race in Louisiana, according to Wheelchair Bodybuilding.

In a Q&A with the website, he told them he was already well-established in bodybuilding and carried it over to the wheelchair, modifying all his standing exercises to a seated or lying position.

Before his spinal cord injury, Mr McCrary had competed in many championships and competitions and carried on winning titles in the Lone Star State competition and the Arkansas State Championships, among others, the website stated.

The professional wheelchair bodybuilder’s social media said he was also a motivational speaker and a former paramedic.

McCrary passed away on 2 January;  it is unclear what caused his death.