Charlie Cameron caught up in brutal AFL scenes as Lions fans blast 'ludicrous' rule

The Brisbane Lions forward was clearly injured and hobbling when the drama unfolded.

Brisbane Lions fans have been left fuming after key forward Charlie Cameron was told to get on his mark during play even though he was on the ground and in pain after a knock in the first quarter. The Lions would be ruing a number of injuries, despite their 10.19 (79) to 6.9 (45) AFL victory over the Suns in front of 30,285 fans at the Gabba.

And one scare came when Cameron appeared to hurt his ankle in play after taking a knock in a tackle. Cameron was then forced to stand on the mark as the Suns were awarded the ball. The Lions forward attempted to hobble away as he was clearly in pain and was clutching at his left ankle.

AFL fans are fuming after Brisbane Lions forward Charlie Cameron (pictured) was forced to stand on the mark, despite clearly being injured. (Images: Fox Sports)
AFL fans are fuming after Brisbane Lions forward Charlie Cameron (pictured) was forced to stand on the mark, despite clearly being injured. (Images: Fox Sports)

Although the umpire didn't want him to go anywhere. "Charlie, Charlie, Charlie. You have to stand on the mark mate. You are not being attended to. Thanks mate," the umpire said.

"That's harsh," the commentator admitted when watching the footage of Cameron struggling to stand up after the knock. Cameron remonstrated with the umpire and appeared to suggest he was struggling. Regardless, Cameron returned and was hunched over as the Suns played on.

And the officiating has certainly garnered attention. AFL fans were left fuming an injured player, who was clearly struggling, was forced to stand on the mark. Fans suggested the rule is there to stop players - who are not being attended to by a trainer - from slowing down the game. Or even faking injuries. Although most fans agreed Cameron appeared injured and making him hobble back to the mark and stand showed 'zero feel' for the game.

While Cameron struggled throughout the game, he stayed out and was eventually rewarded for his persistent effort with a goal late in the fourth quarter. While Cameron played on, the Lions were left reeling after a brutal game.


The Lions played with just two men on the bench for almost three quarters, but were clearly the better team as they dominated the Suns in the first half. The Suns were not able to close the gap, despite kicking 10 consecutive behinds after the break.

Player-of-the-match Dayne Zorko (career-high 39 disposals) was everywhere as he made 35 kicks that often penetrated the corridor. Lachie Neale and Hugh McCluggage were also instrumental in the midfield.

Charlie Cameron takes a mark.
Charlie Cameron (pictured) appreared injured at one stage in the clash against the Suns, but was still ordered to get on the mark.

The Suns are now 4-4, unbeaten at home but without a win on the road in a steady beginning to the Hardwick era as they chase a maiden finals berth. "Well, I'm eight games in. How smooth did you think it would be?," coach Damien Hardwick questioned after the game. "It's going to be up and down, that's the reality of where we're at."

Hardwick was realistic about his team's progression and said they were aiming to slowly improve throughout the season. "We want to keep our head above water until halfway," Hardwick said. "We're off those guys. We know where the gap is ... we'll beat the sides around us, absolutely, but we need to start getting off the porch and running with the big dogs."