Chef Alisa Reynolds Travels the World ‘Searching for Soul Food’ in New Hulu Show (Exclusive)

PEOPLE has a first look at the trailer for the food-travel show premiering on June 2

<p>Mike Taing/Hulu</p>

Mike Taing/Hulu

Chef Alisa Reynolds is determined to "taste the soul of the rest of the world."

Hulu’s newest travel-food series Searching for Soul Food, which drops June 2, follows Reynolds as she travels around the world exploring the cuisine. In an exclusive look at the trailer above, the owner of My 2 Cents in Los Angeles, gives fans a taste of what to expect from the show. 

“I’m Chef Alisa Reynolds — classically trained, soul food raised. And I’m on a mission. We’re searching for soul food. Let’s get it,” she says in the opening of the sneak peek.

As a Black chef, Reynolds blends her passion and identity into each of the eight episodes in the show, which was made by Onyx Collective, a content brand making projects with creators of color.

“At my restaurant in LA, I apply my classical training to what I know — soul food — cuisine created with ingenuity through struggle that nourished my people through its hardest times,” she says. “And I think, just maybe, we aren’t the only ones with that bomb ass formula.”

The accomplished chef take viewers on a journey as she travels everywhere from Peru, Jamaica, South Africa, Italy and more.

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<p>Mike Taing/Hulu</p>

Mike Taing/Hulu

In one scene of the trailer, Reynolds takes a bite from a slice of pizza in Italy. “I feel like I just tapped into the soul of Napoli. Mamma mia!” she says in her best Italian accent.

The restaurateur also explores her hometown. “People say LA has a lot of flavor and no soul. I beg to differ,” she says.

Throughout the teaser, Reynolds defines soul food in her own words and keeps an open mind to find new iterations of the cuisine. “It’s about making something out of nothing with sustenance and love in every bite, and I want to get a taste of it all,” she says.

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She discovers meals with rich history. In the spot, she learns about the “oldest recipe in South Africa” and an 8,000-year-old cooking tradition.

The trailer ends with Reynolds speaking with different people about the power of soul food to awaken happy memories. “We’re trying to do here is like let people know the depth within these meals,” she says, later adding, “This is history on a plate.”

Searching for Soul Food premieres June 2 on Hulu.

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