Cheryl Burke: I totally would get married again

Cheryl Burke "totally would get married again".
The 38-year-old dancer - who was married to actor Matthew Lawrence between 2019 and 2022 - has revealed that she's "still looking for love", despite her previous heartbreak.
Cheryl told 'The Most Dramatic Podcast Ever': "I have always been open to doing new things. And, you know, hey, I'm still looking for love. I mean, I'm not looking, you know what I'm saying?"
The TV star revealed that she's started dating once again, and that she's even open to getting married.
She said: "I'm dating myself at the moment. I totally would get married again. I mean, I know we should probably go from like meeting somebody first, not like straight to the altar, but our time is limited on this planet."
Cheryl is also clear about what she wants from her next partner.
She explained: "Someone who, honestly, first of all, is OK and secure with themselves. That really is a person who knows that we are here to evolve as human beings and who wants to grow and continue to learn and stay curious.
"I think that that is very important and whether we're on the same path, it's irrelevant, I think it's just someone who knows that life continues to move forward."
Earlier this month, Cheryl revealed that she was keen to date again - but only if the "right guy" comes along.
The dancer also confirmed that she was not using any dating apps and was not actively searching for a new man.
Asked if she had any plans to date again, Cheryl replied: "Yes if the right guy comes along so be it but I am not searching. I'm not on a dating app, let's put it that way."