Chilling footage emerges after boy attacked by shark at resort

The boy was participating 'in an expedition in a shark tank' at a Bahamas resort when he was bitten on the leg.

Horrifying footage has emerged of the heart-stopping moment a 10-year-old boy’s blood turned the water bright red after he was attacked by a shark at a busy resort in The Bahamas.

The incident occurred earlier this month as the boy — reported to be a US tourist visiting with his family — participated “in an expedition in a shark tank” at the Atlantis Paradise Island resort.

The boy in the shark tank as blood pours out of his leg. Right, his dad is seen jumping in the water as sharks whizz by.
The boy was participating 'in an expedition in a shark tank' at a resort in the Bahamas when he bitten on the leg. Source: TMZ

New video obtained by TMZ shows the child desperately trying to reach the top of the water as blood pours off out his right leg. His frantic dad then fearlessly jumps in the water, grabs him with one arm and drags him to safety as several sharks whizz by below.

Witnesses say the boy was standing with a chaperone on the floor of the tank when two reef sharks started swimming around him aggressively, with one darting between his legs. This caused the boy to lose his footing and accidentally straddle the shark, which then bit him on his right calf, TMZ reports.

Stunned witnesses film shark attack

Another video taken by a tourist overlooking the shark tank shows the 10-year-old shrieking in pain as his dad kicks his way to a ladder and pulls him out of the water.

The boy’s mum is heard screaming “did that just bite him?, Oh my gosh, that’s my son,” after running over to help Antlantis Resort staff.

The woman filming the shocking clip then desperately searches for her own child, who she is relieved to find is not in the water.

A third video obtained by TMZ shows what the inside of the tank looked like just a couple of days earlier, with numerous participants wearing helmets seen being escorted along the bottom as sharks circulate.

The boy's dad pulling him to safety at the top of the shark tank as staff and his mum rush over.
Another video taken by tourist overlooking the shark tank shows the 10-year-old shrieking in pain as his dad pulls him out of the water. Source: TMZ

Boy's ordeal a month after fatal shark attack

The 10-year-old boy was taken to a hospital where he underwent surgery, local police said. He is now stable. Stuart Cove, the owner of the company that organised the shark tank expedition, told CNN it has begun an internal investigation and paused the shark tank tours.

In December, a US woman was killed by a shark while paddle-boarding in the Bahamas. A man who was with her was not injured.

Police said a lifeguard rescued both people with a boat when seeing what was happening, but the woman suffered serious injuries to the right side of her body and was declared dead at the scene despite CPR efforts.

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