Chinese ‘invisibility cloak’ stuns the internet

Allison Yee

Harry Potter fans rejoice – if you’ve ever secretly wished the Cloak of Invisibility was an actual thing, Youtube says this might be possibility.

In a video that’s gone viral around the world, new footage claims to show a man in a garden holding up a shimmery sheet.

Holding the sheet in front of him, he disappears from view and seemingly melts into the background.

Footage claims to show an 'invisibility' cloak at work. Photo: Youtube

According to the Metro, deputy head of Criminal Investigation Department at Ministry of Public Security in China, Chen Shiqu, shared the video saying it could aid the military.

“This is a quantum technology-made cloth that is made of transparent material," he said.

"It can reflect the light wave around the person who wears it so it can make the person disappear."

However other watchers claim it’s a hoax, with the footage edited using software to get the effect of invisibility.

The man magically disappears once behind the sheet. Photo: Youtube

"Softwares such as Adobe's After Effects, Nuke or Blackmagic Fusion can edit the background and blend the object into it,” Quantum Video prodcer Zhu Zhensong told the Liberation Daily.

“The effect has previously seen in a lot of action movies.” 

You be the judge...

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