Chloe Sevigny recalls boozing and 'getting into trouble' as '90s skater girl

Chloe Sevigny has recalled downing beers and "getting into trouble" as a skater girl back in the 1990s.
The actress has opened up about her younger years revealing she used to hang out in parks in New York City with her friends and they would drink booze and socialise with others who were into "alternative lifestyles".
She told Interview magazine: "It was a sense of lawlessness and freedom, especially in New York City. We were hanging out in parks like they did in the movies, drinking 40 ounces and getting into trouble. It felt very communal. It was very easy to meet people. I know now there’s meeting online, but it felt like you would just hang out in places and make new friends. That sense of freedom and lawlessness is what I miss, but I think that’s also just a part of being young, especially if you’re into alternative lifestyles."
However, Chloe - who has collaborated with skate brand F****** Awesome on a new womenswear line - has insisted she wasn't really a true "skater girl".
She explained: "I can skate, but I would never have said I was a skater girl ... I was more like a Skate Betty, or whatever they say. I liked hanging out with skater boys because I found them stimulating."
The actress went on reveal she returned to hanging out in parks in Manhattan during the COVID-19 pandemic but it was very different to her younger days.
She told the publication: "During the pandemic, me and my husband were hanging out there [in Washington Square Park] every day. All the tourists and NYU students left, and just the diehards were hanging on. There was such a good vibe there. Now, of course, the permeating smell of marijuana drives me a little crazy. You can’t escape it in the streets of New York."