Chris Christie Spots The Ugly 'Preview' Of What Trump 'Will Do Next'

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said Donald Trump’s 91 felony counts aren’t nearly as significant as the actual conduct that led to the former president’s indictments in four different criminal cases.

“That conduct is a preview of what he would be like if he were the nominee again and the president again,” Christie said on CNN on Thursday. “What he will do next will absolutely be consistent at 78 years old with what he’s done before.”

Christie, once a loyal Trump ally now running against him for the Republican presidential nomination, recalled Trump’s 2016 message to supporters: “I am your voice.”

But that, he said, has changed.

“Today, he says, ‘I am your retribution,’” Christie said. “Those are two very different people, and I would argue someone who is now just out for himself purely and not have any element where he’s out for the American people.”

Christie said Republican voters should take that into consideration before selecting a nominee.

He added that there’s another issue they should keep in mind before casting their vote: “I just don’t believe he can win, and that’s a huge problem for the Republican Party.”

See his full conversation below: