Chris Packham hailed as 'national treasure' for autism documentary

Chris Packham presented Inside Our Autistic Minds. (BBC)
Chris Packham presented Inside Our Autistic Minds. (BBC)

Chris Packham fans have labelled him a national treasure and called for a knighthood for the presenter after the second episode of his autism documentary.

The Springwatch host fronted BBC Two documentary Inside Our Autistic Minds, which concluded on Tuesday with insights from Packham and other contributors diagnosed with autism about how they navigate life.

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Viewers were impressed and moved by the direct way that Packham explained what life looked like as somebody with autism.

One person tweeted: "This man deserves a Knighthood."

Chris Packham met other people diagnosed with autism. (BBC)
Chris Packham met other people diagnosed with autism. (BBC)

Someone else agreed: "A national treasure he is. A knighthood is in order, surely? I think "Sir Chris Packham" has a beautiful ring to it."

Another person added: "Chris Packham really is a national treasure and a breath of fresh air. It’s about time he gets the credit he deserves."

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Viewers shared how emotional they felt watching it, with one person tweeting: "100% getting emotional at Chris Packham's autism documentary, there's so much I can relate to."

Another viewer wrote: "Bravo to Chris Packham for his film series on autism. Brilliant, moving and so insightful. I’ve been a teacher for 37 years and didn’t know a lot of this stuff….. Well done to Chris and all the contributors for their bravery and honesty."

Programme Name: Winterwatch 2022 - TX: n/a - Episode: Winterwatch 2022 (No. n/a) - Picture Shows:  Chris Packham - (C) BBC - Photographer: Jo Charlesworth
The TV star presents Winterwatch. (BBC)

Someone else added: "Chris Packham’s documentary was superb tonight about autism. Really made me think about myself."

Another person commented: "Sincere thanks and congratulations to Chris Packham and the BBC for the inspiring and informative documentary Inside Our Autistic Minds. It gave my mother and myself some much needed insight into the life of my older brother who has learning difficulties. Two hours of excellence."

Viewers agreed that it was one of the best programmes they had seen in a long time.

One person wrote: "The best programme I have seen in years (along with last week's). Huge congratulations to Chris Packham and to all the amazing young people who told their stories. Genuinely inspiring."

Someone else tweeted: "What another informative, wonderful, supportive, enabling and respectful programme last on Autism from Chris Packham."