Chris Skidmore - the Tory climate rebel who quit parliament

The government's plan to grant new oil and gas licences every year has passed its latest hurdle in parliament.

The bill's supporters say it will improve energy security, as the UK still relies heavily on fossil fuels. Critics, however, argue it will not cut energy bills and instead will break the UK's promise to phase out fossil fuels.

One of those critics is Chris Skidmore who recently resigned as a Conservative MP over the government's net zero strategy and its decision to boost new oil and gas production.

On this episode of ClimateCast, Mr Skidmore, who led the independent government review into net zero, sits down with Sky's science and technology editor Tom Clarke.

They discuss the reasons behind his decision to quit, the "culture war" attached to net zero and the realities the UK faces getting there.

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Producers: Emma Rae Woodhouse
Editor: Philly Beaumont