Chrishell Stause Slams Fans Who Criticized Pricey Health Scan That Might've Given Her 'More Time' with Late Mom

"Don't fight me on advocating for something that could've literally made me have my mom around longer," said Stause, whose parents both died of lung cancer

<p>Chrishell Stause/Instagram</p>

Chrishell Stause/Instagram

Chrishell Stause has some choice words for critics of a full-body early detection scan she promoted on Instagram this week.

The Selling Sunset star, 42, initially promoted an MRI screening from Prenuvo on Thursday, when she posted a video of herself getting her own early detection scan on social media.

In the clip, Stause encouraged her fans to use a promotional code to book their own scan at a discounted rate, and also noted that she hoped for similar early detection methods to be more available to the general public.

"I hope this helps-I truly can’t wait for this to be more readily available because early detection could have given me more time with my family and that’s priceless and should be available to everyone," she captioned the video.

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Stause's mother died of lung cancer in July 2020, five months after the TV personality announced her diagnosis online. Stause's father died of lung cancer just over a year before in April 2019.

Despite her promotion of the early detection method, one Instagram user criticized Stause for promoting something that they deemed "unaccessible" to the general public, calling her post "tone deaf." In response to the commenter, Strause argued that the scan "is backed by science and it is currently available in 9 major cities."

"Without posts like this, it will not get the funding it needs and support that literally is saving lives," she wrote of the MRI. "This could have given me more time with my parents if we detected their cancer sooner also another reason I need to be checking myself for early detection."

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<p>Chrishell Stause/Instagram</p>

Chrishell Stause/Instagram

Prenuvo's website notes that the 60-minute whole body scan — which "assesses your head, neck, chest, abdomen, pelvis, and legs" — costs $2,499.

After receiving the criticism, Stause shared a strongly worded message on her Instagram Story,

"Not somebody fighting me in my comments about advocating for a scan that would've given me more time with my mom," she said.

She also clarified that her scan was comped as part of an arrangement with the company in exchange for her promoting their offering: "So I just want to say this because obviously I know I'm sensitive on this topic, but I don't receive any money for this post. I did not pay for my scan, for full transparency."

<p>Chrishell Stause/Instagram</p>

Chrishell Stause/Instagram

She also went into more detail about how she feels it could've helped her family.

"Nothing was wrong with my mom until she felt something happen, and by the time she felt symptoms it was too late," Stause added. "We couldn't do anything. If we'd had this scan and early detection, we could've had more time with her. If I go to the doctor, they'll say nothing's wrong with me. But what if something is there?"

Stause closed out the clip by sharing that, ultimately, she thinks "everybody should be able to have this scan."

"But don't fight me on advocating for something that could've literally made me have my mom around longer," she said.

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