Chrissie Swan reaches major health milestone: 'Such a personal thing'

"I don’t talk much about giving up the booze because it’s such a personal thing."

Chrissie Swan has taken to Instagram to reveal she has reached a significant health milestone – 1000 days of not drinking alcohol.

The radio and TV presenter shared that being sober isn't something she usually speaks about as it's "such a personal thing", sharing with her followers in a lengthy post why it's been the right choice for her.

Chrissie Swan
Chrissie Swan has taken to Instagram to reveal she has reached a major health milestone, something she doesn't often talk about. Photo: Getty

"I don’t talk much about giving up the booze because it’s such a personal thing and not right for everyone because we all drink to excess for such bespoke reasons," she began the post. "Also, I don’t feel comfortable encouraging people to do anything they haven’t arrived at themselves (except making soup and chia pudding!) but after 1000 days, I know for sure it has been the right thing for me, so I’m putting this here for anyone who’s thinking that maybe drinking isn’t fun anymore.

"I love love love being able to drive everywhere, leave places whenever I like and especially ESPECIALLY going to bed knowing I’ve been the most authentic version of myself AND waking up excited about another brilliant day. Can’t do that with a hangover!"


Chrissie continued, saying she "didn’t have a long standing problem" with alcohol, but gave "it a fair nudge over the pandemic" and knew she had to stop.

"I coped in the times of temptation by forcing myself every minute to focus on all the things I was gaining, and nothing that I was 'losing' - this helped immensely to reframe the mentality that I was 'giving up' alcohol - because I wasn’t 'giving up' anything - I was actually taking my power back, and the positives started within the first week. Mainly - relief," she wrote. "And the clarity I needed to return to my original self and get to work on 'building a life I didn’t want to escape from'. I don’t miss drinking one bit and now I never even think about it."

Chrissie added, "I am proud of myself as well - which is a sparkling and meaningful thing. In truth - every aspect of my life, energy, positivity and relationships has become so much better in every way since that day.

"If you can’t stand the hangovers anymore (that was the clincher for me - the sickening down time!) or are doing stuff that makes you cringe afterwards, all I can say is you won’t miss those things one bit! And feeling everything that life throws at you is nothing to be afraid of - that is giving me a much bigger rush every day now than getting blackout drunk ever did."

The presenter's friends and followers shared their support for her, with Osher Gunsberg writing, "Congrats mate. I’m right there with you. Building a life in recovery that I’m not willing to lose is paramount. There’s no drug that feels as good as my life right now. And I have done my research on that claim."

"Congrats, Chrissie! Amazing achievement," Matt Agnew commented. "Resonates incredibly strongly with me. I want a Happy Life not a Happy Hour. Cheers."

"I am 700 days booze free today and it has hands downs been the most extraordinary gift I have given myself. My life has improved in every area," one user wrote, adding she couldn't have done it without Chrissie.

Chrissie Swan in activewear
Chrissie began walking during lockdown, around the same time she quit drinking. Photo: Instagram/chrissieswan

"I love seeing stories like this! It might actually save a life if a particular person at a particular juncture in their life reads it. Congratulations - such a brilliant achievement," another said.

"I think many people don't realise that alcohol is a depressant and when they drink to "feel better" they are actually digging themselves a deeper hole. Even if they are not drinking a lot, the effects on your brain and nervous system have a negative impact on your thinking and functioning," a third added.


"Wonderful news Chrissy too many families are affected by alcohol even when they may not be aware of it," a fourth said. "Great message."

Chrissie's 90kg transformation

Earlier this year, Chrissie shared her biggest exercise tip after her 90kg transformation, saying getting into the correct mindset every day has been incredibly important.

"I've never moved my body my whole life, ever," she said. "I hated sport growing up, was just not interested. And I just thought, well, that's not for me, I'm never gonna find anything that I enjoy.

"And then I started walking one day and I haven't stopped. But the biggest tip I think is don't worry about what people think about what you look like. Put your runners on first thing and then do that every single day. Regardless of what you're wearing."

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