Chrissy Teigen admits to watching 'bottom barrel' reality shows

Chrissy Teigen has resorted to watching "bottom barrel" reality TV shows other recent months.
The 37-year-old model - who has Luna, six, Miles, four, and Esti, six weeks, with music star John Legend - has revealed that she's desperate to watch a new series of '90 Day Fiance'.
Chrissy wrote on Twitter: "Where are all the 90 day fiances?? They attack you with like 7 franchises at once you have to juggle like pins on fire then just leave you abruptly in silence for months to watch your desperation bottom barrel reality shows (sic)"
One of Chrissy's followers then urged her to resist the temptation of watching 'MILF Manor', the reality TV series that premiered in January.
In response, Chrissy confessed: "I did [laughing emoji] (sic)"
In February, John admitted that he and Chrissy both love watching reality TV.
The award-winning musician explained that he and his wife enjoy watching reality shows at home.
Asked how he relaxes when he's not working, John replied: "I like to watch sports, and I consider that my own way of relaxing. And then just watching good TV with Chrissy, having a glass of wine."
John, 44, also enjoys watching TV when he's on the road.
He said: "When I was on the road, I just checked out 'Your Honor' on Showtime, which I really liked, with Bryan Cranston. We loved the Chippendales one that Kumail [Nanjiani] was in. And then we watch a lot of reality TV."
What's more, John revealed that Chrissy is a huge fan of the 'Real Housewives' franchise.
He shared: "We’re very into the '90 Day' franchise, but Chrissy’s favourite is most definitely 'Real Housewives' franchise, so that gets watched a lot in our home.
"I’ll watch it a lot with her and just [shake my head] the whole time."