Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are strikingly similar to their kids

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend see striking similarities between themselves and their children.
The 27-year-old model has Luna, six, Miles, four, and Esti, two months, with the award-winning musician, and Chrissy can already see lots of similarities between herself and Luna.
She told 'Entertainment Tonight': "Honestly, me and Luna are like two peas in a pod. We love the same things.
"Luna loves being pampered. She loves getting her nails done and she loves sitting with my glam people. She thinks she's like a big kid, so she just moseys on in and sits down. It’s just so cute."
Chrissy also described her daughter as being "personable and friendly and kind".
She shared: "She loves being the one that is the first to raise her hand for everything. She's the first to volunteer for everything.
"She loves crafts, and she loves creating things. She loves cooking. She loves to be sarcastic and joke … She’s just so personable and friendly and kind."
John, on the other hand, is very similar in lots of ways to Miles.
Chrissy explained: "So much of Miles is John ... He's such a little love bug. He loves kissing. He loves affection. He’ll just look up at you with like puppy eyes. He's exactly John."
Meanwhile, Chrissy and John welcomed Esti more than two years after she suffered a pregnancy loss with their son Jack.
In September, John confessed that the pain of losing his son will never "completely go away".
The music star - who has been married to Chrissy since 2013 - told the BBC: "That pain is never going to completely go away. You're never exactly the same after you lose someone."