Chrissy Teigen Thought She Had An Identical Twin, But The Truth Was Much More Confusing

Chrissy Teigen says she found herself “spiraling” after a genealogy test came back saying the model had an identical twin.

While she figured out she doesn’t have a twin after an “insane 24 hours” of searching, the “Cravings” cookbook author took her Instagram followers on a thrilling ride detailing just how her mysterious sibling showed up.

Teigen said in a video posted on Sunday that she’s been on a “health and wellness” journey and “trying to figure out a lot about my past and my family,” which led to her taking a genealogy test.

“With the encouragement of my therapist and doctor, I did 23andMe,” she said, explaining that she’d done the test a few years ago, but not the “deep dive” version.

“I paid for some of the upgrades, and the first thing that came up after I found out that I was part neanderthal was this,” she said, pointing to a screenshot showing off her results. “I have an identical twin.”

Teigen attends the 64th Annual Grammy Awards on April 3, 2022, in Las Vegas.
Teigen attends the 64th Annual Grammy Awards on April 3, 2022, in Las Vegas.

Teigen attends the 64th Annual Grammy  Awards on April 3, 2022, in Las Vegas.

Teigen told followers she immediately thought, “Like, that has to be a joke, right?” and then starting “spiraling.”

“I call my dad and I’m literally saying, ‘Dad, like, hey ― did you see come out of mom’s vagina and were there two of me?’” she explained. Teigen said her dad started laughing and told her, “‘No, I was there, there are not two of you!’ I was like, ‘Are you sure you were there?’”

To corroborate her dad’s story, the entertainer then reached out to her sister, Tina Teigen. When she asked her sibling if she had a twin, her sister let out a long gasp, leading Chrissy to believe the 23andMe report was true.

“I was like, ‘Oh my god I do.’ At this point, I’m making excuses for my whole life,” the “Lip Sync Battle” host said. “I’m like, ‘This is why I’m co-dependent, cause, like, my twin was ripped away from me.’ I’ve always felt something missing, and this is why I have addiction issues.”

Luckily, Tina remembered that Chrissy was supposed to do the show called “Finding Your Roots,” that traces celebrity genealogy. While Chrissy’s episode of the show never ended up airing, the model had already completed a 23andMe test.

“They had us all take DNA tests, and they put it under, like, secret names so the world couldn’t tell,” Teigen said. “My identical twin was myself. I was matching myself.”

Case closed.

Commenters thoroughly enjoyed the ups and downs of Teigen’s story, with one writing, “LOL I was on the EDGGGGEEE of my seat this entire story.”

“Good lord this should be a scripted show,” journalist Katie Couric wrote in the comments. The social media person behind the 23andMe Instagram account aptly commented, “Glad that was cleared up 😅.”

While Teigen doesn’t have a twin, most commenters were interested in the fact that she has a sister. The entertainer has posted about her sister on social media before, and spoke about all her other siblings in an interview for Self magazine back in 2016.

“My dad has three children and my mom has a daughter, but we’re all brothers and sisters, of course,” she said.