Ciara needs to 'focus on herself' to be the best mother

Ciara needs to "focus on herself" to be the best mother she can be.
The 36-year-old pop star- who has been married to footballer Russell Wilson since 2016 and has, Sienna, five, and two-year-old Win with him but has an eight-year-old son named Future with ex-boyfriend rapper Future - explained that she uses boxing as a way to manage her mental health and explained that "taking care" of herself was the "best thing" she could have ever done.
She said: "I like boxing when I’m trying to figure things out.That’s a part of [my] ‘therapy’—exercise. I told myself I’ve got to figure out how to navigate the next chapter of my life. All the things I was aspiring to have at that time, even thinking about love, I was like, It’s going to happen when it’s supposed to. But I can’t love anybody to the best of my ability if I’m not loving on myself. I can’t be the best mom if I’m not loving on myself. So I put more focus on me, taking care of me; it was the best thing I could have done."
The 'Goodies' hitmaker went on to add that everything in her life nowadays is "authentic" and she lives in fear of being unprepared for something.
She told Women's Health magazine: "Everything I’m doing at this stage is authentic to me, and I’m intentional about it. One of my greatest fears in life is not being prepared. I want to show up when it’s time to show up—personally, professionally, [for a] performance, everything. That’s my mentality. I can’t waver on the things that I need to do, to be my best in those moments."