Clint Eastwood ‘devastated’ by death of ex-mistress Roxanne Tunis aged 93

Clint Eastwood is said to be devastated by the death of his former mistress Roxanne Tunis aged 93.
The ‘Unforgiven’ actor, who turned 93 in May, fathered daughter Kimber Eastwood with the actress and dancer during their 14-year affair, and her family announced her death on Monday. (07.08.23)
Her daughter Kimber, 59, told RadarOnline in a statement: “My mom passed after a brief illness… she loved painting, drawing, writing and traveling.
“She was a devoted daughter, mother, grandmother, sister, friend and deeply religious. Our lives are forever changed.”
Roxanne’s passing came on 23 June but has only now been confirmed by her family.
Kimber added Clint was upset by the news, and sent his condolences to her and his grandson.
She said: “He is just as sad as I am.”
An insider told RadarOnline Roxanne had been one of “Clint’s true loves”, and said they kept up a “healthy relationship until the end”.
Clint and Roxanne started a relationship in 1964 when the actor was married
to his first wife Maggie Johnson, according to Radar.
Roxanne had a role in Clint’s action comedy ‘Every Which Way But Loose’ in 1978 and she was at the centre of a Hollywood scandal in 1964 when the actor’s full name Clinton Eastwood Jr was published on her daughter’s birth certificate.
A source told Radar about how Roxanne “worshipped” Clint: “She was never impressed with all the money and fame.
“All she ever wanted was to have and to hold Clint Eastwood the man… they were very open about the fact they were lovers.”
Roxanne appeared in films including 1963’s ‘Take Her, She’s Mine’, ‘Breezy’, directed by Clint and 1968’s ‘Hang ’Em High’.
She was also married to the late Jack Watson Scheck Jr, while Clint – who has at least eight children – was married to wife Dina Eastwood from 1996 until their divorce in 2014.