Coles customer sparks debate over 'greedy' chicken haul

What would you do if you came across this epic supermarket markdown?

A Coles customer has scored a massive bargain buy, taking home an entire trolley full of discounted chicken fillets. But the epic haul has sparked a heated debate online.

The shopper shared a photo of heavily discounted trays of chicken breast fillets stacked high in her cart on Facebook, writing: "Got 30-plus packs, couldn't take anymore due to limited freezer space."

Each pack was marked down to between 66c and 85c, which is an incredible saving considering Coles chicken breast fillets are currently priced at $11 per kilo.

Coles supermarket chicken haul
The Coles customer's trolley full of discounted chicken fillets has caused a stir online. Picture: Facebook

But the post has caused quite a stir, with dozens of people calling out the shopper for not allowing others to purchase some of the marked-down items.

"Oh my God, how greedy!" commented one angry bargain-hunter, while another wrote, "I always try and leave some for others."


Hitting back at the "haters", the anonymous shopper said the store was ready to close, so the 50-plus packets left would "most likely be wasted" if she hadn't taken them.

"For everyone commenting that I'm greedy. The store was 30 minutes away from closing, and there were about 50 packets more sitting there that were wasted. Don't act as if you wouldn't take these yourselves given the opportunity," the Coles customer explained. "I also divided this amongst the family."

Despite the criticism, hundreds of others jumped to the shopper's defence, saying they would have done the exact same thing, especially amid the current cost-of-living crisis.

"Do people realise if it is still on the shelf after the shop closes, it goes in the bin? The old saying is 'first in best dressed'," one person wrote.

Some congratulated the customer for being in the "right place at the right time" and dismissed the negative Nancies.

"It's like someone winning the lotto; are they obligated to share!? NO!? Get over yourselves," another said to those jealous of the haul. "Well done! I have never come across such a good markdown. You'll be singing 'I feel like chicken tonight' every night!" joked a third.

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