Colin Jost Scorches MAGA World In Wicked 'Weekend Update' Takedown

“Weekend Update” co-host Colin Jost clowned MAGA world on Saturday for pushing a Taylor Swift conspiracy theory.

The co-host of the “Saturday Night Live” news segment explained the theory, which claims the upcoming Super Bowl is being rigged so the Kansas City Chiefs can win and make way for Swift to come onto the field with Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce to endorse President Joe Biden.

“Man, MAGA people have so many enemies to keep track of,” Jost said.

“You have to hate the NFL, Taylor Swift, Bud Light, Disney, Kristen Stewart for some reason, electric stoves, windmills, the concept of rainbows and the green M&M.”

Jost then added to his list of MAGA world’s frustrations by going after former President Donald Trump.

“And you have to think that everybody in the government is a secret pedophile except for this guy dancing with Jeffrey Epstein,” said Jost, who pointed to a 1992 clip of Trump dancing next to the disgraced financier at his Mar-a-Lago estate.

“I mean, isn’t that the happiest you’ve ever seen Trump? He’s dancing like nobody is checking IDs.”

You can check out more from “Weekend Update” in the videos below.