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College football’s biggest issues: is tampering real, will Charlie Baker make athletes employees & how far would you go for fried pickles?

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Dan Wetzel, Ross Dellenger & SI’s Pat Forde devote the entirety of today’s episode looking deeper into the key issues plaguing the world of college athletics at the moment.

Starting off with transfer rules, the gang looks to a recent interview by Kadyn Proctor. The offensive lineman spoke on transferring from Alabama to Iowa, where he noted that Iowa was supporting him throughout his freshman year playing for the Crimson Tide. Was this tampering on Iowa’s part? While a tampering rule is in writing in the NCAA bylaws, coaches and agents have been working around it for years. As the crew examines the solution to tampering, Dan challenges that tampering isn’t a problem outside of college athletics.

Meanwhile, there is an entirely separate can of worms in relation to the athlete/employee dichotomy. NCAA commissioner Charlie Baker has a new proposal, called “Project D1,” which is focused on beginning a conversation about legitimate athlete employment at the collegiate level. Whether it be collective bargaining or revenue sharing, Baker looks to hit the reset button. Ross breaks down the plan and how congress could address it, along with highlighting what the NCAA needs to do in order to get out of the transition with the least amount of damage.

To close out the podcast, The People’s Court examines a pickle-y trade proposal in a Buffalo Wild Wings & Doritos is involved in the alcohol world now.

1:00 - Did Iowa to Alabama transfer Kadyn Proctor engage in tampering?

33:17 - Charlie Baker’s “Project D1" and the future of athletes as employees

50:45 - The People’s Court: Pickle trade at the Buffalo Wild Wings?

57:40 - Would you eat it: Doritos alcohol edition

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Former Alabama offensive lineman Kadyn Proctor lines up in his stance
(Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)
Former Alabama offensive lineman Kadyn Proctor lines up in his stance (Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)