Colton Underwood And Husband Jordan C. Brown Are Expecting A Baby Boy

Just days after honoring their one-year wedding anniversary, Colton Underwood and Jordan C. Brown have yet another reason to celebrate.

The former “Bachelor” star announced on Instagram Tuesday that he and Brown, a political strategist, are expecting their first child this fall. The pair are set to welcome a baby boy via a surrogate in October.

Underwood included a carousel of photos, including several sonogram images, with his announcement.

“This entire journey has been a rollercoaster of emotions — humbling, exciting, and truly eye-opening,” he told HuffPost in an emailed statement. “I couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome our baby boy and really get to embrace ‘Daddyhood’ in a whole new way.”

Colton Underwood confirmed Tuesday that he and his husband, Jordan C. Brown, are expecting a baby boy in October.
Colton Underwood confirmed Tuesday that he and his husband, Jordan C. Brown, are expecting a baby boy in October. Amber McKee/Courtesy of Colton Underwood

He went on to note: “Jordan and I are looking forward to all the little moments ― like holding, feeding, and changing him. But above all, we’re most excited to show him just how loved he already is.”

The announcement comes just months after Underwood launched a new podcast, “Daddyhood,” that documents his journey to becoming a father.

As one half of a same-sex couple, he was particularly passionate about highlighting male infertility on the podcast after learning that he “literally had no sperm” early in the process.

Speaking to Men’s Health in an interview published Tuesday, he said it took six months of “sperm rehab,” which included significant changes to his fitness routine, in order to boost his sperm count enough for him and Brown to resume the surrogacy process.

Underwood’s No. 1 goal as a father, he said, is “just giving our child the freedom to express themselves and to be pure.”

Underwood, left, and Brown were married in May 2023.
Underwood, left, and Brown were married in May 2023. MICHAEL TRAN via Getty Images

“For me, having the experiences that I have from both the church and football, I’ve dealt with a lot of the toxic masculinity,” he told Men’s Health. “I know that phrase gets overused quite a bit, but there’s very much still stigma and things that go on in the sports culture, specifically.”

Underwood and Brown, who worked on former President Barack Obama’s 2008 and 2012 campaigns, were married in May 2023. The couple first confirmed their relationship in fall 2021, roughly six months after Underwood publicly announced he was gay in an emotional “Good Morning America” interview.

Underwood’s coming out was not without controversy.

Some members of the LGBTQ+ community accused him of “monetizing” the coming-out experience when he announced plans for a six-episode series, “Coming Out Colton,” that would chronicle his path to living truthfully.

Netflix, which produced the series, also faced a fair amount of pushback for what some called an attempt to “glorify” Underwood, who in 2020 faced allegations of stalking his ex-girlfriend, “Bachelor” contestant Cassie Randolph.