'WHAT IS THIS?' Confusion over disturbing find on Sydney street

A man from Sydney’s inner west has brought about a little mystery and fun amid devastation, when he spotted a weird creature on a jog.

Harry Hayes was jogging in Marrickville on Monday when he saw the still-unidentified creature on the road.

In an email to Yahoo News Australia, he explained while he was running, he did a double take and eventually went back to take a photo of it.

The creature in question is about four centimetres in size, Mr Hayes said.

He then shared the picture of the creature to Instagram and asked his followers if they knew what it was.

A very strange creature of some sort was found in Marrickville. Source: Instagram/@_harryhayes
A very strange creature of some sort was found in Marrickville. Source: Instagram/@_harryhayes

“I really enjoyed the questions asking how close I am to the ocean,” Mr Hayes said, adding that he isn’t close to the sea.

People became quite invested in what this “thing” could possibly be and Mr Hayes said there were a few suggestions of it being an alien, or UFOs were somehow involved.

“Someone made a connection to ScoMo at Engadine Maccas which was also pretty graphic,” Mr Hayes said.

“I'm very much the investigator and don't have any concrete theories. I think having an open mind to the potential of extraterrestrials is most important.

"With Covid/WW3 and the floods this could be anything really…”

Others suggested it could be an organ of some animal, or an embryo. A clam or snail without a shell were also suggested.

On Instagram, one biologist said she had sent the photo to "dozens" of her peers and none of them could agree.

"My money is on possum/glider embryo," she wrote.

Yahoo News Australia has reached out to academics to try and determine what it is.

Mr Hayes said he's happy the mystery surrounding his discovery has served as a distraction for some from the floods that have ravaged NSW and Queensland.

“I'm just glad people have something somewhat positive to focus on during these crazy times,” he said.

“I am hoping for a quick recovery for all those impacted by the floods in the last few days, it's been horrible to witness.”

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