‘Conspiracy theorist’ accused of killing father was furious dad got vaccinated

‘Conspiracy theorist’ accused of killing father was furious dad got vaccinated

A man in Palm Beach County, Florida who is accused of beating his father to death last week was called a “delusional conspiracy theorist” by a family friend.

Based on an arrest affidavit, officials responded to a 911 call on 4 February from the family friend of Brian McGann Jr, who he had called during a domestic violence incident involving his father, Brian McGann Sr. The son reportedly arrived at his father’s home around 11pm.

The complainant said she overheard Mr McGann Sr say “Stop you’re killing me” as they were on the phone with McGann Jr. The caller said she thought the father was being attacked by his son. Mr McGann Jr appeared to be intoxicated and paranoid over the phone, the complainant said.

The family friend said she could hear the son screaming at his father and violently attacking him.

She also told police that the son was a “delusional conspiracy theorist” and and was infuriated with his father because he’d recently been vaccinated. The son had started using cocaine, too, the friend said.

When officers arrived at the father’s residence, Mr McGann Sr was found lying unresponsive on the living room floor. The father’s clothes were completely covered in blood and he had sustained significant injuries to his face, which appeared to be swollen, battered and bruised, the affidavit said.

Mr McGann Sr was pronounced deceased by officials the following day.

Officers observed blood on the living room floor, the wall and furniture in the area where Mr McGann Sr’s body was. His son reportedly attempted to run from police, who saw him jumping a back gate. When officers made contact with the man, he had blood on his hands, feet, face and clothing, the affidavit said.

The Palm Beach Medical Examiner’s Office ruled the father’s death a homicide. Officials with the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office subsequently charged him with first-degree murder, a felony.