Costco Fans Are Renewing Their Memberships Just So They Can Try This New Dessert

You've had your moment, pumpkin spice, and now it's time for another fall favorite to shine. We're talking about one of the season's most popular flavors: caramel apple. And if you're eager to get your caramel apple fix, the Costco Bakery has a brand new dessert with your name on it.

Costco just started to roll out its Caramel Apple Mini Cakes, and they've already been spotted by Laura of @costcohotfinds. In her video, she dubbed the mini cakes, which are available for $8.99, the "perfect fall dessert."

"Costco Bakery just brought out Caramel Apple Mini Cakes. The caramel cake itself is so soft and not overly sweet. The frosting is made from condensed milk and is very rich and creamy. The apples are similar to the apple pie. This is the perfect fall dessert," she revealed.

The comments for the video have been flooded with people praising the new treat. One user even declared that they're "Renewing my membership for this."

A handful of people in the comments who have already gotten their hands on the Caramel Apple Mini Cakes offered their opinion.

"These were delicious!" one person declared.

"We got some!!! Super YUM," another user added.

Despite the cakes being referred to as "mini," that name might be a bit deceiving, according to one comment on Instagram.

"Sooo, my husband is going to Costco. I ask him to pick up a dessert for our weekly Thursday dinner. He chooses these. And honest to Pete, they do look amazing & everyone oohs & awes over them. Only problem is they are HUGE!! No one can eat one of those things by themselves," they explained.

Well, that's certainly one problem we're willing to deal with.

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