'They could be stalkers and serial killers': Lottie Moss has never been on a TInder date

Lottie Moss has only dated people of her "calibre" to avoid "stalkers and serial killers".
The 25-year-old model and OnlyFans star dated 'Made in Chelsea' star Alex Mytton for nine months in 2017, and since then, she has found it hard to trust men and won't go on "random" dating app dates.
She told new! magazine: "I haven't really dated normal people. I've always been in the public eye, so l've always dated that calibre of person. I never did random Tinder dates.
I couldn't really do that because of who I am. They could be stalkers and serial killers.
I'm not going to go on dates with complete f***ing weirdos."
That didn't stop Lottie from signing up for the current series of Channel 4's 'Celebs Go Dating' in the hope the relationship experts can find her a match with a member of the public.
And she recently hinted she has found love with 'Love Island' star Adam Collard.
The pair attended the London-based launch party for the new series of the E4 show earlier this month, and Lottie admitted they "really care" about one another.
Speaking about Adam, she told The Sun newspaper: "Well he's a lovely guy. We really care about each other."
Quizzed about whether a romance could be on the cards between the stars, she said: "There could be. You never know. You never know."
Several 'Celebs Go Dating' stars have ended up hooking up in the past, including 'Hollyoaks' actor Gary Lucy and ex-'Love Island' star Laura Anderson.
Lottie admitted it is a "curse of the show", and hinted she and Adam may have fallen victim to it.
She added: "I mean, it happens every time though.
"It's really like a curse of the show, like every time there are two celebrities!
"I think it's really interesting.
"I definitely didn't expect to come in here and meet someone that I really like and, you know, ended up doing that with someone."
Asked if she is talking about Adam, Lottie coyly replied: "You'll have to watch and find out!"