Couple slammed for dog's unwelcome deposit at Westpac bank

A woman witnessing the incident had to do a double take after spotting the pair.

It may have been a rough start to the working week for some Westpac workers after an unknown couple and their dog left a "nasty" surprise at the door of their workplace on the weekend.

On Saturday night an unassuming local had to do a double take when she spotted movement from inside the Westpac ATM enclosure at Noosa Heads, Queensland. Before long, she quickly took her phone out and captured a video as evidence of what happened.

"Little appreciation post to this couple who let their dog take a dump on the Westpac floor last night and did not clean it up ... We were all watching," she wrote online.

The dog poo can be seen on the floor, with the dog sniffing it inside the Westpac branch.
The unknown couple were slammed for the 'nasty' dog act and allegedly not cleaning up after their pet. Source: Facebook

The footage shows the pet approaching and inspecting it's freshly laid poo before being dragged away by it's owner — with seemingly no attempt to wipe up after themselves.

'I almost stepped in it'

The now deleted footage unsurprisingly sparked plenty of reaction — with not one but two people saying the dog poo was still there the following day.

"Yes the poo was still there this morning, I almost stepped in it," one local wrote, while others joked perhaps the couple were unhappy with their home loan rate.

In the first half of the year there was a rise in the number of disgruntled neighbours fighting back against those who choose to not pick up after their dogs. From Melbourne's north to Adelaide's southeast, Aussies were getting creative and making handwritten signs to deter poo bandits from making a habit of it.

In February a Sydney man was caught on CCTV pretending to pick up his pet's poo but instead left it on his neighbour's lawn. The incident in Noosa appears to be the first video which shows a pet owner leaving their dog's excrement indoors.

Yahoo News Australia reached out to Westpac for comment.

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