Courteney Cox: Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow are still my loyal friends!

Courteney Cox is still "loyal friends" with Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow.
The 58-year-old actress is best known as Monica Gellar in the classic 1990s sitcom 'Friends' alongside Jennifer Aniston as waitress Rachel Green and Lisa Kudrow as masseuse Phoebe Buffay and upon receiving the honour of a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Monday (27.02.23), was "not surprised" at all that her co-stars turned up for the ceremonial occasion.
She told ExtraTV: "I have some pretty loyal friends… Yes, it is a horribly rainy day, but I'm lucky to have great friends and I'm not surprised they all showed up, but it just is very sweet to see them.
"[This star] just means that, you know, I made it. It just means that… I'll be here forever and that feels really good and sad at the same time."
Jennifer and Lisa - who also starred alongside David Schwimmer as Ross Gellar, Matt LeBlanc as Joey Tribbiani, and Matthew Perry as Chandler Bing on the series - each got up to make a speech about their former co-star, with Jennifer joking that it "couldn't have been" 30 years since they first met.
She said: "I think that it was just wishful thinking that Ross and Rachel would get married and I would become Rachel Gellar. It' know..we're very honoured to be here today to speak on behalf of you as your co-workers, your friends, your family, your sisters and that's happened since we've known you for a very long time."
Lisa chimed in: "And that's happened since we met almost 30 years ago!"
Jennifer added: "No no, that's a typo! Are you sure?! Well, anyway, to be friends with Courteney is to be family with Courteney. From the beginning, she was immediately inclusive, warm interested in everything about you and I was really nervous to meet her because I was a huge fan. I just didn't know what she was gonna be like when we got to meet her.
"From the very beginning, she made it clear that it was an ensemble. This was the friendship show. She instilled into all of us to support one another and to love one another. Actors need to support one another, not compete with one another and that has really stuck with me."
Lisa added: "It was Courteney doing that which set us up to become one of the closest and most supportive casts in the history of television."
As the 2750th celebrity to receive a star on the LA tourist spot, the 'Scream' actress joins the likes of screen icons Marilyn Monroe and Judy Garland on the walk as well as fellow sitcom actors such as 'I Love Lucy' icon Lucille Ball, 'Bewitched' star Elizabeth Montogomery and co-star Jennifer Aniston.