Courteney Cox says her skin was at its best at this surprising age

courteney cox best skin in 40s
Why Courteney thinks her skin was best in her 40sSteve Granitz - Getty Images

Courteney Cox has really brightened our morning, with a revelation that is softening the impending doom of ageing into a hazy blur for a while. We know ageing is beautiful, but when it comes to your own face, it's natural to be a little scared (See – completely dreading it). But Courteney – who's been open about her own struggles with ageing and overdoing the injectables – just told Allure that she had the best skin in her life in her 40s. Maybe it's not all doom and gloom.

Speaking of the decade that these days sits on the precipice of 'mid-life' (45 now is far from the 1980s 45), Courteney said: "That was maybe my best, in my forties, as far as skin goes. Then it starts — you start thinking about it too much."

It makes sense this would be a good skin era, post the hormonal skin of your youth, but before, as she says, you then can fall into the trap of caring about it too much: "My advice to you: You're in a great time. I mean, everything about you — you should look in the mirror and love yourself and be so happy because your forties are incredible."

Obviously, everyone's skin journey will vary, in different years we have problems, different ages we're more conscious, but it's nice to hear how comfortable Courteney felt in herself in those years. While I'm in no rush to get there, I might be moderately less scared.

One year shy of 60, it looks like the 50s have been pretty good skin years for court, too 😍.

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