Courtney Stodden slams ex Brian Austin Green in a song

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Courtney Stodden has slammed ex Brian Austin Green in a song.
The 25-year-old television personality has unveiled a new song, 'Side Effects', she penned about her "entanglement" with the 'Beverly Hills, 90210' star.
Of her track, she told FOX News: "'Side Effects' is about that feeling you have when you leave an entanglement. It was inspired by that recent entanglement."
She sings: "You got a bad dose of a bad actor and just want to be sober again ... The high isn't worth the side effects."
She added: "And now I'm so tired ... Tired of it, I get so sick ... Dealing with your Side ... Side Effects, your side effects ..."You don't know how hard it gets ... When I suffer from your side effects ... And now I'm so tired, tired of it ... Your side effects."
Courtney had previously branded Brian as a "womanizer".
She said: "I had blocked him after several other women who he was playing came forward to me. I stand with them and I believe them. Brian wanted me to remain his little secret. [He's a] womanizer."
And responding to him calling her "disappointing" for sharing a video of them in a hot tub together to anger the woman he is seeing, she told Fox News: "He looks a bit unhinged. The truth is that Brian is disappointed in himself."
It comes after Brian admitted he was "disappointed" in Courtney for sharing a bizarre video of them in a hot tub together, saying it "kinda sucked" seeing that she posted a video of the pair online the same day he saw Tina Louise, as she knew it would "cause problems".
He said: "Courtney, super nice ... but disappointing.
"I was just trying to be a nice guy, I shot a video for her friend Ashley, saying hello ... That was a month-plus ago, that was back when the pictures of her and I came out. I was disappointed [that she posted it] knowing that it would cause problems for Tina - and myself - having three kids, it kinda sucks. I think she's a nice person, I just think she's making some bad choices."