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Need new lunch ideas? This genius little gadget makes toasties in minutes

The £13.99 toastie and pasty maker is taking TikTok by storm.

This genius little lunch gadget is perfect to spice up your culinary skills. (Crimpit/Amazon)

Working from home certainly has its perks, but one thing we don't enjoy is running out of inspiration for a lunch, and ultimately resorting to a diet of toast and tea.

Luckily, thanks to TikTok, we've discovered a handy kitchen gadget called The Crimpit – which makes toasties and pasties in seconds.

It's essentially a non-electrical sandwich press, but people have been getting creative in the kitchen with it.

Giving Greggs' popular Steak Bake a run for its money, you can sandwich together two slices of bread or Warburton Thins with any filling you choose, whether that's a classic ham and cheese or steak strips and veg.

TikToker, Filthy Little Snacks, has a tutorial on how to make steak and chicken pasties, which she popped in an air fryer that has had over 30,000 likes.

Meanwhile user, Sophiena, created a beans and cheese toasty, which has got 37,000 likes. A quick scroll through the Crimpit hashtag on the site and you'll find endless ways to use the quick and easy gadget.

To use, simply place one slice of bread in the base of The Crimpit and gently press down. Add your favourite fillings, then another slice of bread, put the lid on and press down to seal all the edges.

You can then toast or grill your tasty snack and if you're feeling particularly fancy, you can add an egg wash and lightly fry it in a saucepan or air fryer.

Why we rate it

Completely foolproof, The Crimpit is versatile and easy to use. You can fill it with whatever you like to make a delicious pocket to chow down on during your lunch break, or even if you fancy an afternoon snack.

You can also add sweet treats to the middle, such as a dollop of Nutella and banana, for a speedy dessert.

Best of all, it's currently on sale on Amazon for just £13.99. It requires minimal effort and will make boring lunches exciting.

What the reviews say

It's not just us who are impressed by it however, there's over 3,800 reviews on Amazon, 65% of which are five-star ratings.

One happy customers described it as a "game changer", proclaiming they loved using it to make fake steak bakes and sausage, bean and cheese pasties.

Another opted for a black cherry pie filling and put it in the air fryer for a tasty dessert. We're definitely stealing that idea.

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