‘Cringe’: Ted Cruz Mocked For Super Awkward Beer Stunt On Live TV

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) is so angry he can hardly sip.

Cruz ― who has been in the headlines lately for repeatedly getting duped by fake stuff he saw on the internet ― said “these idiots” want people to limit drinking to two beers a week.

“That’s their guideline!” he said.

That’s not the guideline.

In the United States, the guidelines ― which are recommendations only ― suggest adult men should limit alcoholic drinks to two or fewer per day, while adult women should stick to one or fewer per day.

But Cruz and others on the right are angry over comments from George Koob, director of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, who told the Daily Mail that those recommendations could eventually change.

“I mean, they’re not going to go up, I’m pretty sure,” he told the newspaper, noting that Canada’s guidelines currently recommend a limit of two drinks per week and said any eventual change in the United States could move more in that direction.

The guidelines won’t change until 2025 at the earliest, and even then they would remain just recommendations and nothing more.

But Cruz is so livid that he went on Newsmax to awkwardly sip a beer in protest.

“They can kiss my ass!” he said, as he and those around him all took not-quite-simultaneous sips. Newsmax host Eric Bolling said something like “mmm OK” then took his own swig of a non-alcoholic beer:

Cruz also resurrected his gripes about Bud Light, which drew the wrath of conservatives earlier this year due to a partnership with trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

Cruz’s critics on X (formerly Twitter) mocked him for the awkward segment on Newsmax: