Cup Noodles Is Releasing Everything Bagel With Cream Cheese-Flavored Ramen

cup noodles everything bagel with cream cheese
Cup Noodles Has A New Everything Bagel FlavorCup Noodles

Just when we thought it was impossible for Cup Noodles to outdo their pancake, sausage, and scrambled eggs-flavored ramen, they're shaking up breakfast once again. This time, the instant noodle brand is hopping on the everything bagel trend with an Everything Bagel with Cream Cheese flavor.

And before you ask, Cup Noodles has already confirmed that this is NOT a belated April Fools' Day joke.

The Everything Bagel with Cream Cheese noodles will have sesame seeds, poppy seeds, garlic, dried onion, and caraway seeds. The ramen also includes a rich cream cheese-flavored sauce.

For Nissin Foods USA, the owners of Cup Noodles, the saucy (not soupy) instant ramen was their way of connecting with fans who aren't afraid to experiment and incorporate unexpected ingredients into their ramen.

"We know noodle fans and foodies are constantly finding ways to elevate their instant ramen with different sauces, seasonings and unexpected ingredients," said Priscila Stanton, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Nissin Foods USA, in a statement. "More specifically, consumers have been adding a dash of Everything Seasoning to their ramen since the craze took off and we took inspiration from our consumer base to give everyone's favorite noodles a creamy twist."

Cup Noodles' Everything Bagel with Cream Cheese is a limited-time offering, so be sure to act fast if you want to try noodles. They'll be available exclusively at Walmart stores and

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