A Dairy Queen Meth Ring Was Just Busted By Texas Police

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Dairy Queen Meth Ring Busted By Texas Policegetty images

Employees at a Dairy Queen in Texas were caught serving a lot more than just Blizzards and dipped cones. Last week, police in Clifton, Texas, announced on their Facebook page that they busted a methamphetamine ring operating out of a Dairy Queen.

While the arrests took place this month, authorities initially received information about the drug ring in June of 2023. During their investigation, they discovered that several individuals were selling meth out of a Dairy Queen in Clifton, a small town northwest of Waco. With their discovery, police were able to conduct several undercover drug buys from the eatery.

"This led to us finding out that these individuals were also selling drugs at other locations around Clifton. During the investigation, we uncovered additional persons who were also trafficking methamphetamines in Clifton," read the announcement from Chief of Police Chris Blanton.

Thus far, the investigation has resulted in the arrests of two people on January 16 and eight others on January 26. All of the arrests took place after police were able to secure multiple search warrants.

Blanton concluded his statement by offering a stern message to anyone selling drugs, informing potential wrongdoers that it's only a matter of time before they face a similar outcome. "To those who may still be selling drugs in our community just know that we are always watching, we probably already have you on our radar, and you never know when it’s your door we are busting through next," he wrote.

This is far from the first time a fast food restaurant was the center of an illegal drug operation. Back in 2017, a manager at a McDonald's in the Bronx was caught selling cocaine hidden inside food items. And in 2015, a meth lab was discovered at a Taco Bell in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

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