Dakota Fanning keen to work again with Ishana Night Shyamalan

Dakota Fanning is keen to work again with Ishana Night Shyamalan.
The 30-year-old actress stars in the director’s debut movie ‘The Watchers’ as Mina – an artist who gets stranded in a forest before becoming trapped alongside three strangers who are being stalked by mysterious creatures each night – and she’s predicted the first-time filmmaker has a great future ahead.
She told HELLO! magazine: “I loved it. Ishana is such a special and wonderful person.
“She directed this film and also wrote the script, she is incredibly talented and creative, as I think all her family are.
“To be part of her first film felt really special.
“I think she has a huge future ahead of her. I really hope to work with her again one day.”
Dakota admitted it was a “challenge” to act out her character’s fear with nothing to react to it but the director made things easier.
She said: “It’s a challenge, but that’s when a director like Ishana is so important.
“Because she wrote the script, she was able t give us a very clear idea of what our characters were seeing and what they were experiencing.
“So I never felt that I didn’t have everything I needed to act out a scene, even if you couldn’t see what the audience sees on screen.”
The 'Runaways' actress was very happy to return to Ireland to make the movie.
She gushed: “It’s so beautiful. I had worked there previously and absolutely loved it, so it was very exciting for me to return.
“We shot around Galway and Dublin over long summer days with some of the same crew I had worked with before.
“It was beautiful but also really disorientating, in that the days were so long that you ended up not really sure what time of day it was, especially shooting in the forest.”