Dakota Fanning reflects on turning 30: 'I'm happier than ever!'

Dakota Fanning is "happier" than she has ever been since turning 30.
The 'Ripley' star hit the milestone earlier this year and admitted that in the months since, she has become "really grateful" for what she has in life despite the hectic schedule that comes with her career.
She told People: "I don't know what it is, it's just like some of the most happiest. I'm sort of having to do crazy things like schedule-wise and really busy, but I'm totally fine with it. Nothing's bothering me.
"I think I just was really focusing on being grateful for what I do have, rather than constantly ruminating on what I don't have yet."
The 'Twilight' actress - who started her career in Hollywood as a child with roles in 'I Am Sam' and ''War of the Worlds opposite A-Listers like Sean Penn and Tom Cruise - is now trying to focus on the "present" and wants to "reframe" her idea of what may happen in the future.
She said: "And really just focusing on the present and taking advantage of this time in my life and enjoying every moment of it, and instead of being like, ‘Oh, when's that going to happen, when's that going to happen, when's that going to happen?
"Just being like, ‘Oh my God, how exciting that hasn't happened yet,’ and kind of reframing it in that way."
Meanwhile, Dakota recently explained that she has a strong desire to start a family and if she had to choose between motherhood and her Hollywood career then she would definitely give up acting to fulfil her dream of having kids.
She told Porter magazine: "Being an actor is a huge part of my identity. I don't really know who I am without it. But I also have a desire to set up my life and career so that I always have a choice.
"Having kids is probably more important to me than anything, even being an actor. If somebody said I had to choose, I would choose having kids. I'm one of those people who has always felt that pull."