Dame Joan Collins advises people of 75-plus to eat quarter of what they ate in 20s if they want to stay slim

Dame Joan Collins says people aged 75 and over need a quarter of what they ate in their 20s if they want to stay slim.
The 90-year-old actress added she thinks she is going to live until 100 due to her diet, skincare and exercise habits – and insisted she has only had Botox once.
She told the Daily Express about maintaining her looks: “No knives. “Had Botox once, years ago. Hated it. I’m an actress, I have to have expression.
“You need half the food at 50 as you ate at 25. “Half as much again at 75. I’m going to live to be 100, and I am telling you: look after your skin. Never leave the house without make-up.
“Don’t diet, just eat less. Never drink tap water. If you need to drop a few pounds to fit into something, eat boiled eggs and broccoli for three days.
“If you must snack, more broccoli. Exercise a little. I hate it, but you have to.”
Joan, who married her fifth husband Percy Gibson, 58, in 2002, added she doesn’t think about their age gap.
When asked if it played on her mind, she declared: “Never once. Percy’s age is the last thing on my mind. We worked together and fell in love quite unexpectedly. He’s my reward. As everyone knows, I kissed a lot of frogs.”
She also advised people to toughen up to survive modern life and not to dwell on tragedies such as the deaths of friends.
Joan added: “Do it yourself – whatever it is. My parents taught me that. They also warned me that life would not be easy, but that I’d just have to get on with it. That is what I have always done.
“I’ve lost many dear ones to cancer. Several were diagnosed with it right after they’d been through a terrible shock or had dreadful things happen to them.
“My advice, for what it’s worth: get over it. Whatever it is. Don’t brood. Be resilient. Never think about what might have been. Play the cards you’ve been dealt. Any day now could turn out to be your last.”