Dame Joan Collins: 'You never get over losing your younger sister!'

Dame Joan Collins will "never get over" the death of her younger sister Jackie.
The best-selling novelist lost her battle with cancer aged 77 on 19 September 2015 and now legendary 'Dynasty' actress Joan, 90, has admitted she "misses" long phone calls with her sister and plans to remember her on the upcoming anniversary of her death by "staying close" to her family.
She told Woman's Weekly: "I miss our long, gossipy phone calls and letters. Losing your younger sister is not something you get over, it's something you learn to live with. I'll pay tribute to her same way I pay tribute to her daily. By remembering her fondly and staying close to her daughters and grandchildren"
The Hollywood star is due to publish her autobiography 'Behind the Shoulder Pads' later this month and went on to explain that the upcoming tome will feature anecdotes from her time in the spotlight that she has never told in public before.
She said: "Based on my life lessons, I hope I'm teaching them self-sufficiency and hard work. They've all learnt it from the looks of it. I've had many amazing adventures in Hollywood and beyond, but
some stories I have only ever shared with my friends.
"After all, you've got to have a bit of mystery, so I hide a knowing smile behind my shoulder pads, hence the title of my book. That is, until now!"
Joan - who will also promote her book with a liv stage tour across the UK- added that even at the age of 90, she sees every day as an "opportunity" for learning and wants to achieve something on a regular basis.
She said: "As my dear friend Leslie Bricusse once said, 'Each day is an opportunity to learn something, to achieve
something and to enjoy something!'"