Dame Joan Collins shares secret to staying in shape at 90

Dame Joan Collins stays fit and healthy at 90 by working out with a physiotherapist for half an hour every day.
The veteran actress is still very active despite her advancing age and is keeping very busy with work - and she's put her high energy levels down to half-hour daily work-outs with a trained professional.
She told My Weekly magazine: "I've been working out with a physiotherapist, which I highly recommend for older men and women who want to stay fit.
"Half an hour a day is mostly what I do and I've found that it gives me energy."
Joan has been pouring that energy into work - she is about to release her 19th book 'Behind The Shoulder Pads: Tales I Tell My Friends' and will be touring her one-woman show across the UK in October while she is also about to start filming a new movie playing the late Duchess of Windsor Wallis Simpson.
Speaking to the magazine about her new movie project, Joan revealed the film will document the Duchess' later years following the death of her husband the former King Edward VIII, who became the Duke of Windsor after his abdication.
She said: "I am looking forward to shooting a new movie about the latter days of Wallis, Duchess of Windsor. It looks as though it might be rolling as soon as as I'm done with the book tour."
Joan previously revealed she plans to live until at least 100 and thinks her diet, skincare and exercise habits will help her achieve that goal.
She told the Daily Express about maintaining her looks: “No knives. “Had Botox once, years ago. Hated it. I’m an actress, I have to have expression. “You need half the food at 50 as you ate at 25. “Half as much again at 75. I’m going to live to be 100, and I am telling you: look after your skin. Never leave the house without make-up. “Don’t diet, just eat less. Never drink tap water. If you need to drop a few pounds to fit into something, eat boiled eggs and broccoli for three days. “If you must snack, more broccoli. Exercise a little. I hate it, but you have to.”