Dame Judi Dench hates ageing

Dame Judi Dench thinks ageing is "horrible".
The 85-year-old actress has insisted there's "nothing" good about getting older, and doesn't agree with people who claim age is "an attitude".
When asked by Vogue magazine what she likes most about being 85, she said: "Nothing. I don't like it at all. I don't think about it. I don't want to think about it. They say age is an attitude ... It's horrible."
And Judi shares her sentiments with fellow actress Dame Maggie Smith, whom Judi claims is beginning to worry about losing her driving license.
The 'Shakespeare in Love' actress added: "I saw Mags - Maggie Smith - the other day, and she said, 'My god, I think they're going to stop me driving my car.' "
Judi was forced to give up driving herself in 2017 when her sight began to deteriorate, and misses getting behind the wheel of a car.
She said: "It's the most terrible shock to your system. Ghastly. It's terrible to be so dependent on people."
However, Judi's daughter Finty Williams - whom she has with her late husband Michael Williams - has insisted the 'Skyfall' star is actually the one people rely on, especially herself and her son Sam.
Finty, 47, explained: "She cares hugely about everybody. That's something that I've always known and have been brought up with, you know. If people are hurting, they call her. But I think it gets her down a lot, yes. There were lots of things that she used to be able to do that she can't do anymore, you know, like needlework and handwriting letters."
And Finty also believes Judi's Vogue cover has helped give the Hollywood icon a "confidence boost", after she began to think negatively about herself because of her age.
Speaking to Vogue as part of her mother's cover story, she added: "It meant an awful lot to her. This age thing, I think, affects very much how she feels about herself and this gave her just that little boost of confidence to make her go, 'Oh, maybe I'm still OK.' Then of course after the photoshoot, she came back literally thinking she was Beyoncé."